The Kiss of Life

When my spirit falters,
don't plead for me to stay.
We've known the best of life:
the stars at night, the warmth of day.

We never wished to part,
but life is fashioned so.
To share it here was all we asked
and all that we can know.

Our lives start with a cry,
but wisdom brings us laughter.
A hug, my dear, is all that's left
And silence ever after.

Photo: 'Le Baiser' ('The Kiss') by Auguste Rodin, 1899.

I Remember Earth

I remember Earth.
To step outside on a summer evening,
listening to the voice of the one you loved,
was almost more than we could bear. 

But we could not make it last.

We asked too much of her,
and everything she asked
of us we waved away.

One last regret? That as she

passes, our memories will all go with her.

Frank Beck

April 22, 2015

A walking song

Can I make my way into the distance?
Help me find the road I'm on.
I've had enough surrender and persistence.
Just one step, and I'm gone.